Zest Plant-Based Kitchen

Zest Plant-Based Kitchen focuses on serving 100% plant-based dishes!

You may be wondering what is plant-based eating? What exactly are they cooking up at Zest?  Or how is that different from eating vegan or vegetarian? Let us help break It down a little bit…

Those who eat a vegan diet do not eat animals or animal-derived products. Those who eat a vegetarian diet do not eat meat but may allow dairy, fish and/or eggs into their diet. Those who eat plant-based focus on eating a diet rich in plants and avoid eating animal products. There are many ways of eating but we won’t stress you with that! What we want you to know is that here at Zest Plant-Based Kitchen you will never see any ingredient on our menu that once was, comes from, or is made by an animal. If it is a plant or grown from the earth, then you bet it may make an appearance on our menu. We are completely 100% plant-rich and vegan. 

We like to take a whole-plant approach to our dishes. We focus our menu on creating delicious dishes made from plants as close to their unprocessed form as possible. We love to take plants in their original state and create something tasty, nutritious and appetizing. We would like to think that our menu has something for everyone, whether they typically eat plant-based or not.  Simply put, we are a plant-focused café serving, well, plants! 

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Zest Plant-Based Kitchen

439 E. Front St.
Traverse City, MI   49686

Phone: (231) 421-3141